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Coffee is often viewed as a source of warmth and connection. For many, their daily cup of coffee sets the tone for the day. It fuels excitement and sparks a readiness for your mind, body and spirit. For others, coffee is a centerpiece for friendship and conversation. How many times have you had the best conversation with a friend over a cup of coffee?

To Boaz Coffee founder, Ben Ray, coffee is the ultimate connector, but it goes far beyond friends gathering with a cup of coffee in hand.

From his first trip to Rwanda in 2010, Ben could see the significant impact coffee had on lives. He saw how many people touched a coffee bean before it even got packaged to be enjoyed by a consumer. From the planters to the harvesters, processers and transporters, he realized so many people and families relied on the income generated from this one commodity, especially in a country like Rwanda. This experience planted a desire in Ben’s heart to use his knowledge and experience in the coffee industry to bless more lives through coffee.

While Ben was inspired by his experience in Rwanda, the story of Boaz in the Bible is the true vision for what he wants to do with this company. Just as Boaz saw Ruth’s hard work and devotion to her family and used his position to grant her access and provision to help her cause, so too does Ben want to use Boaz Coffee as a platform to help and bless foreigners who are trying to support and care for their own families.

Simply put, Ben’s mission is to use Boaz Coffee as a platform for hope and positive change.

Ben’s heart is to #BeLikeBoaz in business and use this coffee company as a vehicle to bless as many hands as he can.

With this mission as its foundation, Boaz Coffee gives back a fixed portion per bag to support causes and initiatives focused on making a difference. We believe a big part in increasing overall harvest is replanting seeds, just as Boaz did for Ruth.

And lastly, we want to extend the seed planting to YOU! We know many people have their own desires to #BeLikeBoaz but often need a way to fund missions. Missions could take many different forms from church trips to sports and school fundraising. With our fundraising campaigns, you can use our coffee as a platform to raise funds and we will give a fixed portion per bag to your mission. The more seeds we plant together, the more hope we will harvest and impact we can have.

That is the power and impact coffee can have, the ultimate connector and blessing.

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

Hebrews 13:16


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