We know that everyone has a mission that is valuable to them, but many lack something to help raise funds to make their mission a reality. As such, we want to offer our coffee as a vehicle to fundraise for the things that are meaningful to YOU!

With our fundraising campaigns, you designate the charity or mission and we will donate a fixed portion per bag to your fundraiser. We know many people love coffee and would buy it anyway…we thought why not use our coffee to help seed more meaningful missions?

Missions can take many forms, but here are a few ideas that come to mind of how you can sell Boaz Coffee to raise funds to support things that matter to you:

  • School fundraising
  • Church and mission trip campaigns
  • Extracurricular costs (i.e. sports, dance competitions)
  • Meaningful passion projects and non profits
  • Extra income due to job loss
  • Missionary support

BOAZ Fundraising Program

To get started first tell us what type of fundraiser you would like to do:

Wholesale fundraising is where individual orders are collected and then sent in together as one order to Boaz Coffee. Boaz Coffee processes the order and then delivers in 2-3 business days to you or the fundraising organization. Coffee is then delivered to the individual recipients.

Online fundraising is where you share your coupon code and people can buy coffee etc. through the website. At the end of your fundraiser or on an agreed timetable you are written a check. Orders are sent directly to the customer.

*wholesale fundraising is more successful in general. It does require more effort on the sellers part, but that effort is rewarded with more profit at the end of the day!


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