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Reinvestment Partnerships

As our mission states, Boaz Coffee is missionally minded, seeking to serve those involved in bringing these roasted beans into your home. Our goal is to be a platform for supporting non-profits and charitable causes with their own powerful missions.

We are committed to reinvesting a portion of our sales back into some incredible organizations. We believe this reinvestment is a seed that will multiple the incredible work these groups are doing and the more seeds we are able to sew back in, the more hope and prosperity we can help create for future generations.

Below are some of the incredible partnerships and missions Boaz is proud to invest in.

Rescue Freedom International

We rescue women and children from a life of sexual slavery and help restore them to a life of freedom, independence, and hope by providing for their physical, emotional, and holistic needs.


We prevent slavery by addressing key root causes like poverty and social issues. Through outreach, education, vocational training, and awareness programs, we help protect vulnerable communities where trafficking is likely to occur.


We disrupt the demand for sexual exploitation by providing action opportunities and education to empower our global network of abolitionists.

None of this is possible without passionate supporters (like you!) or our expert Local Partners.

Care Net of Puget Sound

Care Net offers hope by providing compassionate practical care, accurate information, Biblical Truth, and life-affirming resources for pregnancy, sexual health & integrity, and abortion recovery.

We are a faith-based licensed healthcare facility and nonprofit with 6 clinics and 2 mobile units serving King and Pierce County.

Our services include pregnancy tests, limited ultrasounds, STD testing, pregnancy options education, abortion recovery for men and women, parenting classes, men's and women's mentorship, community education and more. Last year, during the pandemic, we served over 19,000 clients in a safe, modified format.

All our services are offered at no cost to our clients.

All Things Possible

We have delivered more than 41,000 L&L comfort toys to displaced children living in IDP camps.


We provide medical and surgery support for children who have suffered life-threatening trauma and deformity.


We provide feminine products and personal items to women dealing with the realities of life in a war environment.


We provide housing, supplies and clothing for women who have been the victims of sex trafficking, abuse and domestic violence.


Our founder, Victor Marx, regularly speaks and distributes materials to men and women of the military suffering from PTSD.

Our purpose is to share hope for this life and the life to come with the people of Haiti. We accomplish this by sharing the love of Christ and providing access to quality medical care in the village of Cazale, Haiti.

Your support helps ensure our staff have the medications and resources available to provide the best possible outcomes for the tens of thousands of patients we treat annually in our outpatient clinic. Also, your contributions enable us to treat severely malnourished children on an inpatient basis, working towards getting these fragile children health and whole and reunited with their families.

Drinking coffee can start your day off right, but it can also help fight infectious diseases, educate for prevention, manage chronic illnesses, reverse malnutrition and more.

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